Meet the artist: Jason Chapman

Posted by Harry William

At Supertogether, we pride ourselves on working closely with a handful of talented artists who contribute exclusive designs to our collection. Each of their designs are tagged with their name here on our website, but we thought it would be good to help you find out a little more about each artist, their background and how they work.

So here's the first of our 'artist interviews', as we introduce Jason Chapman...


Where are people most likely to have seen your work before?

In Children's books: 

Ted, Bo and Diz (Little Tiger Press)

Stan and Mabel (Templar Publishing) 

Russell, Grunt and Snort (Random House) 

One Kiss, One Hug (Random House). 

I’ve drawn dogs and cats for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, illustrated letters from Santa for the NSPCC’s Christmas campaign for several years. made family trails for the National Portrait Gallery and National Trust and 


Who are your main influencers and inspiration?

Carel Weight, David Hockney, Richard Scarry, Edward Ardizzone. 


Has your work changed over time, and if so, how?

Yes. Sometimes big changes such as dropping a painterly collage illustration style in the early days to a more linear style illustration which led to commissions for The Natural History Museum and other museums and exhibitions. Though commissions require me to produce work in an agreed style I enjoy experiment with other styles and media if time allows. This development can often set the seed for a future project or change of direction.


If you could have chosen any other career, what would it have been?

Difficult question. Painter or photographer.


What’s your favourite place to work?

Anywhere alone in silence for the hard thinking stuff.  


What is personally your most memorable piece of work and why?

My Stan and Mabel book. 

My first picture book, Ted, Bo & Diz, seemed to take forever to finish because it was hand painted in layer after layer of acrylic paint on rigid hardboard. Every stage of development had to be posted from Suffolk to the publishers in London. I was living in the middle of nowhere at the time and the post office was miles away. It cost me a fortune to post and every journey was a race to beat the last post.

Once completed, I asked myself how I could create an illustration and work more naturally without risking life screaming down country lanes every few days at 5.20. I had been drawing lots of dogs and cats for Battersea and it was becoming very natural. I had also been out in the fields nearby to where I lived painting on location, like a’ proper artist’. I put the drawing and painting together in photoshop and Stan and Mabel were born. 


Who’s your favourite character that you’ve drawn and why?

Difficult to decide. On the one hand I would choose a character which I’ve drawn over and over again such as Stan from Stan and Mabel because the more you draw him the easier and more natural the process becomes. 

I also have a number characters in development for children’s books which excite me because of their potential. Several have been chattering to me for years to be brought to the top of the pile. 


How has technology changed your work, and has it helped or hindered?

Helped and hindered. The speed of creating and sending roughs and final art digitally has made the work flow improve but not keeping up to the latest software/hardware becomes problematic.   


What are your favourite apps and/or tech tools to help you work?

Photoshop, Wacom tablet, Applemac, scanner. I’m currently updating my system and waiting for the new iPad pro and pencil to be delivered. To say I’m looking forward to this like the birth of a new child is an understatement. 


iPhone or Android? (Plus make & model please)

Ancient iPhone 4s. It does what I need it to do and it’s cheap. 


Favourite album & film?

Depends..Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch (Cosmo Jarvis) or Alina (Arvo Pärt)

Groundhog Day or The Hidden Fortress


Favourite food & country visited?

Thai. France.


How best can people get in touch with you?

@jasonchapmanart on Twitter

Many thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer our questions.
Jason's designs currently feature on several of our MacBook Decal and iPhone Case products.