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New Supertogether Custom Case Maker app now available

Posted by Rob Cunningham-Brown on

Many of our customers have created their own, wonderful phone case designs using our popular iOS app. From pictures of a happy couple hopelessly in love, to the pet dog looking kind of goofy - we've seen your creativity shine as you've created cases for both yourself and to give as a gift.

Since it's launch we've continued to improve our app, but more recently we felt it deserved a complete refresh to keep it up there as one of the most popular custom case apps around. This is why we recently launched 'version 2' with a whole new look at feel, as well as some exciting new features, with many more planned for the future.

So if your looking to accessorise your phone with something totally unique, or struggling to think of a gift that shows how much you care, check out the Supertogether Custom Case Maker app on iOS and put your imagination to work!


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