How to apply Supertogether wall stickers

Posted by Harry William

Here's our step-by-step guide to putting up our fabulous wall stickers:

  1. Check your surface. It is important that your chosen surface is clean, dry and smooth, otherwise there is a chance the stickers will peel after the initial placement. If your surface has been freshly painted you should wait at least 3 weeks and until the paint is completely set. The temperature of your surface can also affect your stickers - too hot or too cold could cause them to peel, so normal room temperature is recommended.
  2. Plan your placement. Get a clear picture of where you want to place each of the stickers, to avoid having to undo any placements you make in the next step.
  3. Prepare your tool(s). If you have a squeegee then have it ready now. Alternatively you can use a dry cloth.
  4. Peel your sticker from the paper backing and begin, from the top, to apply it to your surface. Use the squeegee or cloth to smooth down the sticker, taking care to remove any air bubbles and avoid any creases. It's important to apply plenty of force.
  5. Once fully applied, it's a good idea to go around the edges of the sticker again, applying plenty of force - it's common to focus on the center of the sticker, but if the edges aren't pressed down firmly then that is where they will start to peel.
  6. If an air bubble remains after applying the sticker, a handy trick is to prick the bubble with a pin and then smooth it down. This only works for relatively small bubbles so beware - large bubbles could result in a crease when you press them down.


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